A Perfect 14 Day Itinerary for Solo Travelers in Colombia

If you're planning a trip to Colombia, then you might want to check out this extensive 14-day itinerary.

Car on colorful road in Colombia

Are you looking for a vibrant and diverse destination for your solo adventure? Look no further than Colombia. With its colorful cities, stunning beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Colombia is a top destination for solo travelers. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both, this 14 day Colombia itinerary will take you on a journey through some of Colombia’s most iconic destinations. From the bustling streets of Bogota to the serene landscapes of the coffee region and the vibrant beaches of the Caribbean coast, this itinerary will leave you with unforgettable experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Join us as we explore the best of Colombia on a solo adventure.

Getting to Colombia

Getting to Colombia is relatively easy and affordable, with many direct flights from major cities in the United States and Europe. The two major international airports in Colombia are El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá and José María Córdova International Airport in Medellín. From there, you can easily travel to other destinations within the country by plane, bus, or car.

The 2 Week Colombia Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bogotá

Explore the vibrant capital of Colombia, visit the famous Gold Museum, and stroll through the historic La Candelaria district.

Day 2: Bogotá

Take a cable car up to Monserrate, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city, and then head to the Botero Museum, which houses works by Fernando Botero, one of Colombia’s most famous artists.  Take a look at 2 Days in Bogotá, Colombia for Solo Travelers

Bogota, Colombia skyline

Day 3-4: Medellín

Travel to the “City of Eternal Spring” and explore the colorful streets of Comuna 13, take a tour of the graffiti art scene, and learn about the life of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Read 5 Days in Medellin: Exploring Colombia’s Vibrant City for more tips!

Day 5-6: Salento

Experience the stunning beauty of the Andes Mountains by visiting the charming town of Salento. Take a coffee tour, go hiking in the Cocora Valley, and enjoy the local cuisine. To dive deeper, read our ultimate guide: Discovering the Magic of Salento: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Tall palm trees in Valle de Cocora, Salento, Colombia

Day 7-8: Cartagena

Travel to the Caribbean coast and visit the beautiful walled city of Cartagena. Take a tour of the Old Town, visit the Palace of the Inquisition, and relax on the nearby beaches.  For a 3-day Cartagena itinerary, read 3 Days in Cartagena: The Ultimate Itinerary for Solo Travelers

Alquímico Bar in Cartagena, Colombia

Day 9-11: Santa Marta

From Cartagena, head to the beach town of Santa Marta, where you can explore the Tayrona National Park, hike to the Lost City, and relax on the beach.

Day 12-13: San Andres

Take a flight to the stunning island of San Andres, where you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and enjoy the Caribbean Sea.

Day 14: Departure

Fly back to Bogotá and depart from Colombia.

Final Thoughts

This 14 Day itinerary for solo travelers in Colombia provides a great mix of cultural experiences, natural beauty, and beach relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or a first-timer, Colombia is a fantastic destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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